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Now seeing clients as an out-of-network provider / Fee for Services Provider (I am licensed as an LPC in both Oregon and Washington state), and I am in network with several insurance plans.

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About me

I graduated Cum Lade with a B.S. in Psychology from Southern Oregon University, as well as a year of study at the University of Cork in Ireland in the applied Psychology department. I am a Western Psychological Association Research Award winner in outstanding research design in health Psychology for my exploration of opiate addiction, pain perception and perceived control. I did two years of graduate work at Antioch University Seattle with a focus on cognitive behavioral and Gestalt therapy and I have my MS in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University.

I am a Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Level-II (CADC-II) and a nationally Certified Trauma Therapist (this 5 module, 200+ hour training focused on somatic/body-based and experiential approaches to treating unresolved trauma and grief). In addition, I have over 160 hours of training in Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing from the Somatic Experiencing Institute and I am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in both Oregon and Washington State. Additionally, I am a trained EMDR practitioner: I love marrying Somatic and mindfulness based techniques with bi-lateral stimulation to create an experiential process to help my clients resolve past trauma and move toward healing.

I have experience working with a wide array of clients including children suffering from PTSD while working for the Oregon department of health and a NASA affiliated youth science-camp in the Middle-East. I have acted as a co-facilitator for an impaired medical-professional monitoring support-group in central Florida and helped provide group therapy and individual support for those clients. In 2011, I launched a young men's group at The Refuge-A Healing Place that specialized in childhood sexual abuse and addiction. During my time at the Refuge I worked individually with both men and women and I have experience working with issues around adoption and abandonment, sexual addiction, self-harm, distorted self-perception/self-image and severe depression and anxiety. Currently I co-facilitate therapeutic intensive workshops, focusing on unresolved trauma and addiction and I am a national speaker and educator: I have been blessed with the opportunity to present, lecture and assist in trainings at mental health conferences and treatment programs throughout the United States and help guide other professionals to do comprehensive trauma therapy.

While all the above information is both true and important for people to know about me as a professional, my greatest knowledge has come from my own personal experiences. While it is about my client’s journey and not my own, I see my role as that of a guide. I do not prescribe to the notion of the therapist as the all-knowing healer of problems. We know ourselves better than anyone- yes, of course, I have tools to help facilitate insight and growth and that is my ultimate goal for therapy! Helping individuals reconnect to the body and the inner-self by doing body based and experiential approaches helps to promote a congruent system. This is so incredibly important as one of the main symptoms of trauma is complete and total system failure (highly dissociative or highly reactive, or often times, both) and disconnect from head and heart. What often makes a traumatic event become PTSD is the perception of possible death, and unfortunately even recalling a traumatic event can invite all that impending doom back into the body- not good considering reoccurring and intrusive thoughts, flashbacks and nightmares are all common symptoms of PTSD. By acting as a guide during this process and by sharing my own "humanness" I have found that I can comfort and empower clients while they talk about the darkness they have been trying to numb at all costs. Like any good guide, I have navigated that dark road before, both personally and professionally. This is not to say that you have to share the story to understand the story. What I do believe, however, is that real recovery from trauma often occurs when a person can find the gifts within their story, no matter how dark that story is, and the opportunity to help others today is mine.

My Training & Approaches: · Nationally Certified Trauma Therapist (CTT) · Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor Level-II (CADC-II) · Somatic Experiencing · EMDR · Mindfulness based approaches · Attachment Theory (Includes advanced training with Dan Siegel and John & Julie Gottman) · Art and Experiential Therapies · Intervention and treatment of Self-Harming Behaviors · Suicide Prevention · Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) · Jungian Interpretation · Crisis intervention

My Focus: · Trauma and PTSD · Addiction and Substance Abuse · Childhood Sexual Abuse · Self-Harming Behaviors · Sexual Addiction, Sexual Acting-out and Sexual Dysfunction · Attachment issues · Adoption and Abandonment · Men’s issues

Awards:  Best Speaker/Fan Favorite Speaker at Foundations Innovations in Recovery Conference, Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego, 2015.

Presentations and Therapeutic Healing Retreats

Brennon is scheduled to speak at behavioral health conferences and more intimate CEU events across the country throughout this year! Please contact him via email to see if and when he will be in your area! And be sure to check out his book, “Finding a New Tribe: Helping Young Men Recover from Childhood Sexual Abuse and Addiction”, which is based on his award winning presentations. Follow the link on this page to buy the book!

Brennon’s upcoming therapeutic intensive retreats and speaking events:

  • October, 2018: Freud meets Buddha Conference, Atlanta, Ga. Featured Speaker.
  • January 2019: Colorado Winter Addiction Symposium, Colorado Springs, Co. Featured Speaker.
  • February 2019: 5-day Trauma Healing retreat @ The Refuge/The Nest.
  • May 2019: 5-day Trauma Healing retreat @ The Refuge/The Nest.
  • June 2019: Regional NATSAP in Bend, Or. Keynote Speaker.
  • September 2019: 5-day Trauma Healing retreat @ The Refuge/The Nest.

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